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that automatically converts Figma designs into front-end view code

available frameworks and languages
arrow_right html css react tailwind
flutter Updated !
vue Coming Soon
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I wish to test out FUNCTION12. more

    You can test out FUNCTION12 without any signing up for FUNCTION12 or creating Figma designs. Just create a Figma account and click one of our sample designs. You will be able to explore a new world of development right away. If you already have your own Figma design, simply copy and paste your Figma project URL and insert it into the URL box located on the FUNCTION12 homepage. You can check out how your design is structured and what source code it can bring within a few seconds.

  • What are the supported frameworks? more

    We currently support React, HTML, Vanilla CSS and Tailwind. By March, we will expand our offerings to include Flutter support as well as Module CSS and Styled-Components for React. Vue support is set to follow by April.

  • The design has been updated. Do I need to work all over again on FUNCTION12? more

    Below is the response to your inquiry. Although it is in FUNCTION12’s plan to create a workflow for development teams to work on designs even after updates, for now, the developer must import the updated design, download the code, and manually export only the updated code for now. We will be improving the performance with a feature that allows automatic detection for the edited design, let the developer know which part has been updated, and have developer choose whether to apply the update